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About us

Fauna Marin GmbH has made it its business to keep and breed sensitive tropical marine animals, as well as to produce the ideal technology for the aquarium and practical aids for sustainable keeping.

With our water analysis laboratory, the Fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab, we provide the ambitious aquarist with another instrument for optimising the living conditions in the marine aquarium.

Inspired by the aesthetics and perfection of marine nature and from long personal experience, Fauna Marin GmbH develops top products for marine aquaristics and is a leader in quality and performance in many areas. Our high-quality products are used by successful aquarists all over the world.

Let the quality of our products and our individual and personal service convince you.

You cannot offer good service on the basis of half-knowledge. Especially not in complex marine aquaristics. We have not only been aware of the needs of aquarists and their pets for years, but also know a trick or two. Modern laboratory equipment, helpful technology and good will alone do not make you a good aquarist. Industry experience, knowledge of relevant water parameters, aquaristic experience and empathy are required.

Fauna Marin stands for all of this.