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4260119452541 EAN: 4260119452541

Overview: The Fauna Marin Zeo-Light-System is based on few, but very effective products to allow for an easy maintenance of your marine aquarium.
Your benefits:
More than 15 years experience

Fauna Marin GmbH

Zeo-Light Starter Kit

The Fauna Marin Zeo-Light-System is based on few, but very effective products to allow for an easy maintenance of your marine aquarium.

The Fauna Marin Zeo-Light Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 x Zeolight 1000 ml
  • 1 x CarbL 1000 ml
  • 1 x Coral Vitality 50 ml
  • 1 x Ultramin S 100 ml
  • 3 x Color Elements a 250 ml
  • 1x Coral Balance 250 ml
Instructions for an easy & effective start with the Fauna Marin Zeo-Light-System
In a few steps to a fantastic reef aquarium, great colors, and perfect growth
In the last years diverse zeolite filtration systems, e.g. our Fauna Marin Ultralith system, have established on the
market. Today, these systems are very popular among reef keepers to maintain perfect growth and coloration of
sensitive stony corals and soft corals. Despite the fact that zeolite filtration using various natural zeolite mixes has
proven great effectiveness, it turned out over the years to also be a complex methodology which requires a high
degree of monitoring and control.
However, our new Fauna Marin Zeo-Light-System now provides you a zeolite filtration system for excellent results
in coral coloration and growth without the need of supplementing countless additives. The application of only a
few but very efficient products dosed each twice a week makes it possible to achieve perfect results. Based on
the combination of the Ultralith system with our additinal product series, the Fauna Marin Zeo-Light system is the
groundwork for a longterm maintenance of a reef aquarium and prevents your aquarium from developing the „old-tank-syndrome“.
Dosing of the ZeoLight System:
1 kg per 1000 L (260 US gal lqd) using a constant but light flow-through,
cleaning every 2 days, replace 75% of the zeolite every 4 weeks.
Coral Vitality

1 drop/100Liter(26Usgal) daily.

Carb L

add 300 g per 1000 Liter (260 US gal lqd) to a flow-through filter unit applying 200 L/h.

Color Elements

2 mL per 100 L(26 US gal lqd) every 4 days, alternately to ReefVitality.
Start dosage with 0,5 mL/100 L(26 US gal lqd) for the first 3 weeks.
All 3 color elements can be dosed simultaneously. In regard to the desired color development the individual dosages should be modified.
Maximum dosage: 5 mL per 100 Liter(26 US gal lqd) every 4 days.

Min S

coral food and bacteria nutrition.
Dosage 1–3 mL per 1000 L(260 US gal lqd) every 2 days.

Elementals K

if needed, set the potassium concentration to 400 mg/L (ppm)

Additional Supplements

In case of extremely low nutrient levels, i.e. in coral breeding facilities, the nutrient level can precisely be adjusted by using UltraOrganic and UltraAmin.

We run the Zeo-Light-System with our own aquarium facilities since a couple of years.
Fauna Marin products are in-house developments with unique receips, which combine long-year established
ingredients with newly identified micronutrients and marine biopolymers. The special composition of our products
are fundamental to the great effectiveness of the Zeo-Light-System. Fauna Marin as a brand is pioneering the use
of new micronutrients which have proven functional success in our bestselling products like UltraClam or LPS Grow
and Color.