ZeoMatic 2 2,2ltr. incl. 2x Sicce

This Zeomatic 2 features a self cleaning system with both water and air cleaning.

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Fauna Marin GmbH

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Classic Zeolithfilters must be cleaned by hand every day extensively. The usually open design makes an automatic cleaning almost impossible.
With the Fauna Marin Zeomatic we elaborated a complete system that the daily cleaning of the zeolite takes over automatically.

- Size: 17x 35 x 47
- Self Cleaning System
- Water and air cleaning
- No seperate air pump necessary
- 2,2 or 4,5 Liter Version available
- Made in Germany
- Original Sicce pumps included
- automatic switch mode
- better cleaning with only 1 x 1 min a day
- stronger pumps
- controlable pumps

- the Zeomatic 2 can be controlled over an optional Timer with 1 x 1 min / say or with every Aquariumcontroller.


The filter is intended for a filter basin, filling quantity up to 2.0ltr zeolite. The pipe diameter is 110mm. The filter is equipped with two pumps, one Sicce 1.0 for normal operation (continuous operation) and one Sicce 2.5 for the flushing process. The Sicce 2.5 must be controlled by a timer (not included) two to three times a day for about 3 minutes. Inside there is a tube cartridge with a diameter of 100mm. The exchange of the zeolite is very easy through the cartridge.
2,0 ltr filling quantity is sufficient for approx. 800 ltr sea water

For zeolites with grain size 5-8mm.

Scope of delivery :

1xZeolite filter
1x Sicce pump 1,0 L (continuous operation)
1x Sicce pump 2,5 L (flushing)
1x25 pipe 300mm for drain



WEEE Nr. Sicce DE14959862

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