Sand sifting snail

Cerithium sp from mariculture

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The perfect sand sifting snail for reefaquaria. Cerithium snails is easy to keep and perfect for beginners and professionals.
Cerithium snails eats different algeas and work against Cyanobacterias due to their high metabolism.

We sell animals from mariculture in a size of 1,2 inch ( 3 cm - 4 cm )

10 Animals for 26 usgal. or 100 Liter are good to keep.

Latin: Cerithium sp.
Engl: Needle Snail
Occurrence: Caribbean, Atlantic, Indonesia, Indo-Pacific, Pacific, West Pacific, Australia, Japan, Red Sea
Offspring: --
Size: up to 6 cm
Temperature: 24 ° C - 32 ° C
Lining: algae,
Flow: --.--
Float: --.--
Social beh.: peacefully in the group preserved
Space requirements: from 100 liters
Difficult: 1 - Normal
Attitude: normal aquarium without big hermit crabs
Feature: it is not always to get and easy to hold. One of the best algae eaters
Age: 2 years
Danger: 0

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