US Style Primefrags® Montipora Blueberry Cheesecake V Ø ca. 3-4 cm (Filter- + Daylightshot picture!) | Fauna Marin
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Item number FMC_2652

Overview: Exklusiv at Fauna Marin Corals: US Style Primefrags®! Vibrant and Unique Coral Coloration - The new US Style Primefrag® System is easy to use, low in cost and designed especially for aquariums that use LED lighting as their primary source of light. Wonderful Acropora-Frags from the beautiest corals bred by Fauna Marin. You will find always a place in your seawater-tank for these small colorful frags. The V stands for many and available!
Your benefits:
More than 15 years experience

US Style Primefrags® Montipora Blueberry Cheesecake V Ø ca. 3-4 cm (Filter- + Daylightshot picture!)

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Several branches from this coral are available. These animals differ only slightly in form. You will receive an offshoot similar to the animal depicted in the photo.

The "HTU" documents are available for download in our download center. Here, we will gradually explain our products and provide tips on the seawater aquarium.

If you have any further questions, please check our Fauna Marin Support Forum, and our Fauna Marin Reefing Group on Facebook.

  • Scientific:
    Montipora sp.
  • Common: stony coral
  • Origin:
    Bali, Indonesia, Australia
  • Size:
    up to 25 cm
  • Temperature:
    75.2 °F - 80.6 °F (24°C - 27°C)
  • Feeding:
    Zooxanthellen / Light
  • Tank:
    ~ 200 Liter

More and more aquarists are using LED lighting today and this makes it possible to create very special colours for many corals. The US Style Primefrag® system aims to generate fluorescent and strongly iridescent colours - all with little energy and maintenance.

US Style Primefrags®

Our new coral category for all lovers of rare LPS and SPS corals in exceptional colouring.
The US-Style Primefrags are 100% offspring from our State of the Art coral breeding facility, which is one of the largest in Europe with over 60sqm water surface.

Perfect for nanoaquariums and aquariums with LED lighting
The corals in this category are hand-picked coral frags, which we breed with much love and time according to the methods of the US reefers in our facility for you. All the frags are grown under LED lighting and higher nutritional values.

Ideal for many nano aquariums or especially for lovers of glaring corals.

100% from our own offspring
These corals are not imported offspring or wildly caught sticks, but small, especially colored offspring corals which we reproduce exclusively in our plant and which are specially designed for LED lighting.

Crazy Colored Corals
Coralfrags with extreme color or rare color forms, healthy and bred under aquarium conditions for best acclimatization to your aquarium.

Exclusive at Fauna Marin Corals
Unique in Europe: the US Style Primefrags® !

Our animals are kept as follows:
Fauna Marin Zeolight System

Lime supply:
Balling Light System

Water values under constant control of the fauna Marin Seawater Research Lab:

CA 420-440
MG 1200-1300
Alk 6.5-8.5
Potassium 380-420
STR 8-9
Boron 5-6
Flour 1,2-1,5
Iodine 0.06-0.08

Questions about the US STYLE SYSTEM will be answered in our  Download-Center: Simply download the HTU!