Live Rock (Indonesia) Real Live Rock ! | Fauna Marin
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Overview: Fresh + perfect conditioned super Live Rock! Plates, small and bigger rocks in cool shapes - perfekt for a marine tank setup or for refreshment of your existing system.
Your benefits:
More than 15 years experience

Fauna Marin Corals

Live Rock (Indonesia) Real Live Rock !

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Wild living rock top quality, porous, full of bacteria, super shapes.  

Perfectly conditioned real living rock for a creative reef building. 

Freshly collected from the reefs in Sulawesi. Our Living Rocks are wild collected rocks from nature and are collected in certified areas. The live rock come from the inner reef where they are naturally formed. No stones are broken from the reef. 

Our living stones are imported exclusively with valid Cites papers and by air freight. You will not receive any container rocks or refreshed dry rocks. 

Ideal for setting up your new seawater aquarium or to refresh your existing system, we have super plates, large and
small boulders, reef branches and plates.
We choose the most beautiful stones for you - of course you can also tell us your wishes, so you get exactly the right stones for your reef construction.

Living stones are large biological filters, which with their surface and porous structure offer sufficient settlement area for the cleaning bacteria. In contrast to any other filter material, the stones bring the important bacteria and their food with them. They are also decoration of the reef aquarium. Besides the bacteria, the natural inhabitants such as worms and small crustaceans are very important, as they perform important functions in an aquarium.

Live rock - perfectly conditioned with the method developed by Fauna Marin Corals

Of all the life that is on a stone, a part dies during transport. For this reason all living stones should be conditioned again before they enter our aquariums. Conditioning means that the stones are prepared for aquarium life. This is urgently necessary when the tanks are occupied by fish, corals and other marine animals.

Our conditioned stones are stored in special tubs under a shower/strong water spray and turned over from time to time. This is done to remove unwanted residues. By showering/spraying, most bristle worms, crabs and other unwanted inhabitants are driven out of the stones. Tube worms, copepods, various larvae and higher algae are not removed by conditioning. Dead sponges and other dead growth are gently removed by hand.

The spray water is  filtered and cleaned again by activated carbon and phosphateadsorbers. This prevents phosphate accumulation in your reef.