KESSIL A360 X Tuna Blue

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Low Profile. Advanced Color Control. Smart Communication.

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For aquarium hobbyists and professionals who need exceptional lighting, the Kessil A360X not only improves the solid design of its predecessor, it is the best LED aquarium light because of its high Photon Volume Density, advanced color control, new K-Link communication, revamped connectivity, improved transition points, and light shaping capability features.

Higher Photon Volume Density
A360 has a low profile design with higher light output, thanks to the redesigned, first-class sunflower heat sink.

Advanced Color Control
A360X has more color control in addition to the core spectrum, opening unlimited color combinations for aesthetic while not affecting the performance of core spectrum.

Low Dimming & Improved Transitioning
A360 features smoother color transitioning and dimming, including moonlight effect.

Smarter Communication
The new K-Link communication method is an upgrade of the easily plug & play 0-10V, allowing users to network multiple A360 together and set individual groups to run their own programs.

Light Shaping Capability
A360 can be used with optical accessories to shape light, allowing users to modify the look of the aquarium to their liking.

Technical Specifications




4.3” x 2.1” / 11cm x 5.3cm


Unit Weight

0.8lb / 0.37kg



Deep Ocean Blue to Sky Blue + RGB


Power Adapter

100-240V AC (input) 19V DC (output)


Power Consumption

90W max



What's in the Box

1x A360X

1x Power Adapter

1x AC Adapter Cable

1x DC Extension Cable

1x Hanging Ring

2x Metal Screw Hook

2x Hanging Bracket
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