FMC Acanthastrea colony double

Die Acanthastrea ist eine wunderschöne Korallenart, die vor allem mit den tollen Farbvarianten die Aufmerksamkeit eines jeden Aquarianers – ob Anfänger oder Profi – auf sich zieht.

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  • Scientific:
    Acanthastrea sp.
  • Common: stony coral
  • Origin:
    Andamanensee, Australien , Bali, Bandasee, Bunaken, China, Fidschi, Golf von Aden, Indonesien, Indopazifik, Japan, Java, Komoren, Korallenmeer, La Réunion, Madagaskar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Ost-Afrika, Philippinen, Ryūkyū-Inseln, Salomon-Inseln, Samoa, Singapur, Südchinesisches Meer, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Vanuatu, Vietnam
  • Size:
    Colonies up to 20 cm, Polyps 3-4 cm
  • Temperature:
    23°-26° Grad
  • Feeding:
    Ultra LPS Grow and Color
    Plankton, Dustfood
    Zooxanthellen / Licht
  • Tank:
    ~ 200 Liter

Die Acanthastrea ist eine wunderschöne Korallenart, die vor allem mit den tollen Farbvarianten die Aufmerksamkeit eines jeden Aquarianers – ob Anfänger oder Profi – auf sich zieht.

Grundsätzlich sind die Acans leicht in der Haltung, wie fast alle LPS-Korallen, wobei natürlich die Grundwerte im Bezug auf die Wasserparameter immer eingehalten werden sollen.
Einzig die Empfindlichkeit auf Faden- oder Bohralgen ist bekannt, das betrifft aber viele LPS-Korallen gleichermaßen.

Strömung mittel, Licht ebenfalls eher weniger, also am besten Mittellichtzone bis Bodennähe, sogar Schattenbereich ist machbar. Direktes Licht sollte es nicht sein.

Acans müssen nicht zugefüttert werden, lebt aber, neben ihren Zooxanhtellen, auch von dem, was sie fängt bzw. an Schwebeteilchen aufnimmt.

Mehrmals wöchentliche Zugaben von FaunaMarin LPS Food Grow + Color danken die Acanthastreas mit Wachstum und leuchtenden Farben.

***We will never ship freshly cut coral !***
We take great care to ensure the well being of all our corals. Before pieces are deemed saleable, we wait for every piece to have formed an encrusting edge and even develop baby polyps. As a professional supplier of quality frags in Germany, we differ significantly from our competitors. Our care and breeding practices for these wonderful corals make it possible to bring you the healthiest pieces available. The biggest difference, is in the regular feeding of the polyps; we feed LPS Grow and Color Food from Fauna Marin . All corals are prepared under optimum conditions to a healthy aquarium life and we consider this to be the optimum color formation under LED or blue T5 lighting.

***General Information:***
Due to the unknown variables that can happen during shipping, we cannot provide a 100% arrive alive guarantee for live animals , despite all efforts.

New orders begin processing the moment we receive them. Very rarely do we encounter a delay. If we do, and your corals or fish are not yet ready for dispatch, you have the option for a possible replacement animal or a refund for the amount of an animal. In such cases, you will be contacted via phone (if we have your phone number) or email. Of course, we do everything possible to avoid such inconvenience from the start.

Please note that coral variations in form and color can occur in the original photo. Changes in color may also result from transport or due to the color representation on the computer screen . Our animals are lit with T5 tubes "Aqua Science Duo" and "Aqua Science Blue" in a 1:1 ratio and are photographed in these conditions. The colors of the animals may vary from our photos when placed in your aquarium, depending on the type of lighting used.

All animals undergo a minimum one-week quarantine and are free of parasites when delivered.

Our average water parameters are:
Salinity : 34-35 psu
Calcium : 400-420 mg/l
Magnesium : 1200-1250 mg/l
dkH : 7.5-8.0
Nitrate : 2-15 mg/l
Phosphate : 0.02-0.08 mg/l
Temperature : 23-25 ​​° C

In our facilities, we use the new sea salt "Professional Sea Salt" by Fauna Marin . We also use the Balling light method in addition to their sea salt.
We are professional pet shippers with over 20 years of shipping and packing experience. All corals and other animals are carefully placed into their packing box and prepared with care. We take great care preparing corals and other animals for a safe transport so that they arrive to you in perfect condition. It is not primarily about the color of the animal upon arrival, it is about the health and nutritional status of coral and fish. The final coloration reach corals within a few weeks after being placed into your aquarium.

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