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Now available: EcoTech Marine Radion® G5

10.03.2020 07:15 von Claudia Hafner
Category: Products-News

EcoTech Marine Radion® G5
Now available!

The Ecotech Marine Radion® G5 exceeds delivers advancements that must be seen to be believed.

It makes the impossible possible by providing cool light for staging and growth in one.
And this is exactly what makes EcoTech Marine's new generation of LED lights so interesting for all purposes - from hobby aquariums to coral breeding.

Create more colour, more shimmer and a much wider light range in your aquarium.

With whisper quiet cooling technology, new features and - finally - the new control via Smartphone or tablet without Reeflink.

The G5 brings significantly more performance and fun.
A quantum leap in LED lighting with advances you won't believe. Unless you see it.
See for yourself!

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