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4260119451209 EAN: 4260119451209

Overview: Fauna Marin Balling salts for perfect results in calcification. Carbonate Mix is suiteable for the Balling light methode.
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More than 15 years experience

Fauna Marin GmbH

Balling Carbonate-Mix

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Balling Light Carbonate-Mix from Fauna Marin is a pure special salt for carbonate supply with the Balling Light method in marine aquariums. 

Our salts correspond to pharmaceutical purity levels and are packed accordingly protected. We do not only pay attention to the data sheet, but also control organic and inorganic trace elements as well as the effectiveness of the salts.

With Fauna Marin Balling-Light salts you get the purest special salts available for marine aquaristics. We use additional bioactive stabilizers, pH buffers and special minerals in our salts, which significantly increase the stability of chemical parameters in aquariums. The added trace elements remain more stable in solution and are therefore more available to the corals.

By using our salt mixtures you add specific minerals and trace elements which are missing or limited in commercial sea salts. The addition of bioactive components and the purity of our salts prevent darkening of the corals and increase their growth and color formation.

  • more effective due to high purity salts with lowest water content
  • salt mixtures for better stability of important parameters
  • adjusted to modern sea salts
  • stable pH-value
  • supply of bioactive substances for better color development and growth of corals and biology

The Fauna Marin Balling Light System is a complete, self-contained system that can be used in conjunction with all standard filter systems. It doesn't matter if you use a zeolite system, the usual Berliner system or a natural filter system e.g. via mud filtration. With the Balling Light method you add exactly the substances that are missing from the aquarium.


  • approx. 10 ml per 100 liters = + 0.5 dKH
  • we recommend a carbonate hardness of 6,5- 8
  • start with the addition of magnesium, then calcium and carbonate, there should be approx. 10 min between the dosages
  • please note the HTU to the Balling Light System at

Dosing instructions:

  • Carbonate-Mix comes only in canister 3
  • for the Balling Light method for the basic supply of your saltwater aquarium 3 canisters are used
  • dissolve 500 g Balling Light Carbonate-MIX in 3 liters of osmosis water
  • then add TRACE supplements
  • 25 ml Balling Light TRACE 3, then fill up to 5 liters with osmosis water.

The exact dosing quantities cannot be given in a general way, because each aquarium is individual. Please calculate your exact consumption with the AquaCalculator: and then add the quantities calculated there exactly suitable for your aquarium.

Available in sizes:

1 Kg
2 Kg
4 Kg


Storage advice:

The product has a minimum shelf life of about 3 years.
Store it in a dry place, protected from light, at normal room temperature.
Avoid contamination of the product with bacteria or dirt.
Make sure children do not have access to the products used or stored.



The completely emptied can can be disposed of with household waste or at recycling collection points.
Please follow your local regulations for waste disposal.


Manufacturing Information:

Balling Carbonate-Mix is produced in-house in Germany.